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Believing In the Magic

Sarah’s Gift

Book Two

Erica Tucci

sarahs_giftButton 300 x 225

Genre: Children’s fiction, paranormal, social issues


Publisher: Publish it Write


Date of Publication: July 18, 2016


Word Count: 12,391


Cover Artist: Nada Serafimovic


Book Description:


Sarah is a fifth grader who has psychic abilities – she can see spirits. At school she meets Leila, a fourth grader and finds out that Leila also has psychic abilities. She uses telekinesis to make things happen, but she uses them to get back at kids in school who taunt her. Knowing how it is to be taunted by her peers, Sarah befriends Leila and helps her learn how to use her powers in a good way. In the end, Leila encounters a situation in which her powers “save the day”.


Book Trailer:



About the Series:


Sarah’s Gift is a series of chapter books for 7-12 year olds about a young girl with psychic abilities, who uses them to harmlessly deal with different life situations. Standing Up for Yourself is about how Sarah deals with a school bully. Believing In the Magic is about how Sarah helps a girl with telekinetic abilities use them in a good way. There will be a book coming out every two months, with several of them being co-authored by youngsters, the third one being one of them.




“Standing Up for Yourself is a gift that many parents will welcome. It helps parents encourage a child’s gift of second sight perception that is all too often written off as ‘just your imagination’. Through the story telling Ms. Tucci provides support for children for their intuitive and psychic gifts. I’ve noticed how many more children these days are being acknowledged rather than shamed for their capacities to see, hear, and feel those ordinarily non-visible beings that make their appearance known. Both you and your child will thoroughly enjoy this story!”

Dr. Steven Farmer, author of Animal Spirit Guides, Earth Magic, and the Children’s Spirit Animal Cards


“I am raving about the second book Believing in the Magic in the Sarah’s Book Series by author Erica Tucci. As soon as I started reading the first few pages I couldn’t put the book down. As a young child I remember magical moments in my life. I had great intuition and was always helping and healing friends and the creatures that God created. Sarah’s story took me back in time to my childhood. Each of us have magical gifts that can be used for the goodness of life just like Sarah…The mindset of positive thinking and using your gifts for the greater good as Sarah brought out helping her friend Leila, are belief systems we all can learn from. In this story the messages are we are our own magic and believe in the power of thought for the greater good…This is a book to read to your children and discuss with them…It’s a story of a compassionate friendship with a binding of acceptance in unconditional love.”

 — Cindy Hively, Intuitive Healing Catalyst for Women

Infinite House of Books Interview

What initially got you interested in writing?
I started the summer of my 15th year (42 years ago…my gosh, how time flies!). I had befriended an 18-year old student of my mom’s (Mom is a university professor), who stayed with me that summer while my parents were away. She and I started writing poems together. We filled notebook after notebook with poems and quotes and short stories, whatever we chose to write about. It was a fun time where we felt liberated and able to express ourselves in whatever way we wanted.

How did you decide to make the move into being a published author?

It wasn’t until I had children that I really got into my writing. My boys were five and eight when I wrote my first book Moms and Their Young Spirited Boys. I would write at night in bed just before I would go to sleep. My husband at the time would tell me, in jest, that I was like a rat scratching (since I was writing long hand using pencil and paper). The manuscript of my book was a finalist in a local writing contest, which brought me in touch with an agent. But when she didn’t place my book after meager attempts, I decided to publish it myself. For six months, I read everything I could about self-publishing. It was a great deal of fun but a great deal of work too, since I really didn’t know what I was getting into. I wore many hats: from writer to designer/formatter/desktop publisher to editor to coordinator to marketer to salesman to speaker, and so on. The only things I didn’t do were the illustrations and the printing. But what I took away from the whole endeavor was a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small it might have been as a little fish in a gigantic pond.
What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?

All my books are from my own life experiences, whether they are fiction or non-fiction. I feel that we all have something to share with others that is our gift to the world, no matter what medium we use. I use words. My hope is that my books will inspire others as they travel their own road of personal development, as storytelling is a wonderful way to help others open their own hearts and souls. As I say on my website “I believe that sharing who I am allows others to feel liberated in sharing who they are and recognizing how closely we connect at the heart”. And in doing so, we can all heal from any life circumstances that keep us from living our lives to their fullest potential. And in the long run, it can create unity on our planet, something that we so desperately need in these great times of separation and dissention.
What do you find most rewarding about writing?
Being able to inspire and give hope to others. I love it when I receive a comment from someone who says that one of my books or a blog post or something else I have written touched with them deeply in some way.
What do you find most challenging about writing?
Trying to find the right words to express myself. Sometimes I will mull over something for a long time before I feel that I have used the most appropriate words to convey my message.
What advice would you give to people want to enter the field?

First, please learn grammar. I have seen so many written pieces (that are supposed to be professionally written) where basic grammar is improperly used. I know that my writing isn’t perfect, but when I see things such as “your” being used for “you’re” or “there” for “their” or “he and me” for “he and I”, I just cringe.

Read lots of books.

Have a journal by your side in which you can write at anytime. Write your thoughts, your dreams, your visions, anything that moves you. You never know when something that you have written might become fodder for a short story or a poem or a character in a novel.

Take writing classes on everything you can find: structure, plot, character development, outlining, subject development…the list goes on and on.

Join a writer’s organization to meet other writers and authors, publishers, agents and the like.

Most importantly..just be yourself in your writing. Write from your heart!

What ways can readers connect with you?

You can reach me at:
Twitter at @sarahsgiftsries (no, that isn’t a mistake) or @EricaTucciMuse
Facebook at or
LinkedIn at

Excerpt: Introduction Believing In the Magic


Sarah lay in bed. She had just started reading The Girl with the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts. Her digital clock on her nightstand read 8:30. Stifling a yawn, she turned the page to keep reading; she was engrossed in the book and finding out more about Katie.

“Just for the fun of it, Katie had shifted the air current then so that the pollen drifted under his nose; when he sneezed, Pastor Grooten had to grab for his sermon pages before they sailed off the lecturn.”

Wow! Sarah thought. To be able to move things by just thinking about it. How does Katie do it? But then she thought about what she was able to do. I can talk to ghosts. I wonder if there are others out there who have psychic abilities. I can’t be the only one! Katie was different, like her, just in a different way. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet someone else who was different. There have to be others like her somewhere. Sarah wished she could meet Katie. They could be best friends!

She delved into the book, reading passage after passage of Katie’s harmless pranks: making her horrible babysitter tremble at the sight of a floating fork and creating a gust of wind that caused a door to slam into her pesky neighbor’s face.

Sarah understood Katie’s predicament. Katie had silver eyes and was odd to people around her. Sarah felt the same way. Most people shied away from her because they thought she was “cursed.”

She was so enamored by the book that she read until her eyes became very heavy. She remembered when she was younger how her dad would say “Your eyes are getting heavy; you are getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepy” when he was trying to put her to sleep. How she missed her dad. She knew that he was okay on the other side since her grandmother who had come to her one day told her so. She wondered if he would come to her directly someday. It would be so nice to see him and talk to him, even if he was in spirit and not on the earthly plane anymore.

Turning off her bed lamp and laying her book on her nightstand, Sarah snuggled under her duvet and fell fast asleep. She had no problem falling asleep; in fact, she would fall into such a deep sleep, she would have the most vivid dreams. And that night was no different.

She was sitting in the back seat of her mom’s car peering out the window. The crow came up to her window and started tapping on it with his beak. He started talking to her telepathically. “Pay attention to the magic in the world,” he chirped. “You can create anything you like through magic. Your thoughts are powerful!”

Sarah woke up the next morning thinking about the dream and how she felt that crow was trying to tell her something, but what? She had to put it out of her mind for now since she had to get ready for school. She would ponder over it when she got home in the afternoon.

About the Author:


Erica Tucci had a full life as a corporate manager of a Fortune 500 company, a healing arts business owner and an author. It all came to a screeching halt in June 2011 when she had a stroke. During her recovery, she gained much wisdom about what’s really important in life. Although she was a Reiki master, massage therapist and life coach as well as a corporate cog, she realized that her passion was her books. Her hope now is that the messages of her books will be an inspiration for others, young and old. Her most recent venture has been her Sarah’s Gift series, chapter books for 7-12 year olds about a young girl with psychic abilities, which speak to the children with special gifts, helping them deal with different life situations. Her other books include Moms and Their Young Spirited Boys (1998), Anything is Possible, a novel based on a true love story (2011), Zesty Womanhood at 40 and Beyond (2011), Radiant Survivor (2013 – Amazon bestseller), and most recently the first book of the Sarah’s Gift series Standing Up for Yourself (2016 – Amazon bestseller). The second book Believing In the Magic will be available for pre-order June 30 and is being released July 18.


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The Dead of Haggard Hall
Darke of Night
Book One
Marie Treanor

Genre: Gothic/historical/paranormal romance

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Date of Publication: 26th July 2016

haggardButton 300 x 225

ISBN: 978-1619235830

Number of pages: 216 (paperback)
Word Count: 71,000

Cover Artist: Kelly Martin

Book Description:

Spirit possession is easy to remedy. Possession of the heart is another matter.

After vicar’s widow and natural medium Barbara Darke loses her respectable teaching position, she reluctantly agrees to become companion to her former pupil Emily, now the bride of young Sir Arthur Haggard.

Once settled at Haggard Hall, Barbara finds her friend is beset by ghostly voices and unexplained deaths. In a maelstrom of dark spirits and wicked emotions, Barbara battles to lay Emily’s ghosts to rest—both hampered and helped by Arthur’s skeptical cousin Patrick, who provokes and attracts her in equal measure.

It would be a mistake to trust a secretive, guilt-ridden man suspected of driving his wife to suicide, if not outright murdering her. And it could well be lethal to give in to her own desires, confused as they often are with the lusts of the dead.

But Arthur and Emily are in genuine physical danger, and suspicion is falling closer and closer to Patrick—the man who haunts Barbara’s sensual dreams. The man who stands to inherit Haggard Hall.

Warning: Contains a medium whose body is open season for spirit possession, and a scandal-ridden journalist who only believes what he can see—and touch.

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Emily broke off, clutching my arm as lightning flashed through several windows at once, followed almost immediately by a deafening clap of thunder that seemed to roll right over the roof.

At the same time, a rush of air chilled my scalp, stirring my hair, and several candles in the hall blew out at once, leaving only the dim light from two wall lamps.

Emily’s eyes widened and her mouth opened and closed soundlessly before she managed to say, “That shouldn’t happen, Barbara. You know it—”

As the thunder began to die away, something crashed into the front door opposite us, making us both jump and Emily squeal.

“What’s that?” she whispered in panic.

“It sounds like someone knocking on the door,” I said as calmly as I could.

“Why don’t they ring the bell?” she countered as the banging went on.

I thought about it. “Maybe the bell is broken, which is why the servants don’t hear.” I began to walk across the hall with Emily dangling from my elbow, trying to hold me back. I paused and stared at her. “What? Do you think it’s some evil spirit knocking on the door to get out of the rain?”

She blinked, gave a half laugh, and released my elbow, although she scurried after me the rest of the way to the door. I struggled with the heavy latch, and then, as soon as I began to draw the door back, the wind whipped it out of my hand and blasted me backwards.

At the same time, lightning forked across the sky, flashing over the grim, angular face of a large, soaking-wet man, all hollow cheeks and hard eyes that showed amber like a wolf’s.

Emily let out a cry and fell back, clutching me around the waist as the stranger, water running off him like a fresh shower, strode into the house and forced the door shut once more.

Only, of course, he wasn’t a stranger. My hand crept up over my heart to my throat.

Arthur bolted out of the dining room above, no doubt to see why his wife had screamed, Bela Hiranyi and Henry Faversham at his heels. Arthur was scowling over the banister with concern, until he caught sight of his visitor, when his face relaxed into a grin, and he rushed

“Patrick!” he exclaimed, pushing right past us and holding out an eager hand. “We didn’t expect you!”

“Apparently not,” Patrick said dryly.

My worst fears were realized. Arthur’s cousin and unofficial guardian was indeed the man who’d witnessed my mother’s séance so contemptuously the night before I left London. His name was just as my mother had said.

But more than that, something in the way the rain rolled off his soaked person made me think of the agonized man I’d seen crouching in the storm. He carried his torment with him, like an echo which bounced between us.
About the Author:

Marie Treanor lives in Scotland, in a chaotic house by the sea, together with her eccentric husband, three much too smart children and a small dog who rules them all. Most days, she avoids both housekeeping and evil day jobs by writing stories of paranormal romance and fantasy.

Marie is the award winning author of over forty sexy paranormal romances – Indie, New York and E-published.


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Lakota Honor

Branded Trilogy

Book 1

Kat Flannery


Genre: Historical western paranormal romance


Publisher: Imajin Books


Date of Publication: May 30, 2013

lakotaButton 300 x 225

ISBN: 9781927792001

ASIN: B00D0S530G


Number of pages: 183

Word Count: 71,000


Cover Artist: Ryan Thomas Doan


Book Description:


Fate has brought them together, but will a promise tear them apart?


In the small town of Willow Creek, Colorado, Nora Rushton spends most of her days locked up in her home with a father who resents her and fighting off unwanted marriage proposals from the wealthy Elwood Calhoun. Marked as a witch, Nora must hide her healing powers from those who wish to destroy all the witkowin—crazy women. What she doesn’t know is that a bounty hunter is hot on her trail.


Lakota native Otakatay has an obligation to fulfill. He has been hired to kill the witkowin. In a time when race and difference are a threat and innocence holds no ground, courage, love and honor will bring Nora and Otakatay together as they fight for their freedom.


Will the desire to fulfill his promise drive Otakatay to kill Nora? Or will the kindness he sees in her blue eyes push him to be the man he once was?


Book Trailer:


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PROLOGUE Lakota Honor


Colorado Mountains, 1880


The blade slicing his throat made no sound, but the dead body hitting the ground did. With no time to stop, he hurried through the dark tunnel until he reached the ladder leading out of the shaft.

He’d been two hundred feet below ground for ten days, with no food and little water. Weak and woozy, he stared up the ladder. He’d have to climb it and it wasn’t going to be easy. He wiped the bloody blade on his torn pants and placed it between his teeth. Scraped knuckles and unwashed hands gripped the wooden rung.

The earth swayed. He closed his eyes and forced the spinning in his head to cease. One thin bronzed leg lifted and came down wobbly. He waited until his leg stopped shaking before he climbed another rung. Each step caused pain, but was paired with determination. He made it to the top faster than he’d thought he would. The sky was black and the air was cool, but fresh. Thank goodness it was fresh.

He took two long breaths before he emerged from the hole. The smell from below ground still lingered in his nostrils; unwashed bodies, feces and mangy rats. His stomach pitched. He tugged at the rope around his hands. There had been no time to chew the thick bands around his wrists when he’d planned his escape. It was better to run than crawl, and he chewed through the strips that bound his feet instead. There would be time to free his wrists later.

He pressed his body against the mountain and inched toward the shack. He frowned. A guard stood at the entrance to where they were. The blade from the knife pinched his lip, cutting the thin skin and he tasted blood. He needed to get in there. He needed to say goodbye. He needed to make a promise.

The tower bell rang mercilessly. There was no time left. He pushed away from the rocky wall, dropped the knife from his mouth into his bound hands, aimed and threw it. The dagger dug into the man’s chest. He ran over, pulled the blade from the guard and quickly slid it across his throat. The guard bled out in seconds.

He tapped the barred window on the north side of the dilapidated shack. The time seemed to stretch. He glanced at the large house not fifty yards from where he stood. He would come back, and he would kill the bastard inside.

He tapped again, harder this time, and heard the weak steps of those like him shuffling from inside. The window slid open, and a small hand slipped out.

“Toksha ake—I shall see you again,” he whispered in Lakota.

The hand squeezed his once, twice and on the third time held tight before it let go and disappeared inside the room.

A tear slipped from his dark eyes, and his hand, still on the window sill, balled into a fist. He swallowed past the sob and felt the burn in his throat. His chest ached for what he was leaving behind. He would survive, and he would return.

Men shouted to his right, and he crouched down low. He took one last look around and fled into the cover of the forest.




Blood Curse

The Branded Trilogy

Book 2

Kat Flannery


Genre: Historical paranormal suspense romance


Publisher: Imajin Books


Date of Publication: October 1, 2014


ISBN: 9781772230031



Number of pages: 216

Word Count: 75,000


Formats available: eBook and Trade paperback


Cover Artist: Ryan Thomas Doan


Book Description:


“Upon mine death for the blood ye have shed, Every daughter born to ye shall die before it draws breath, to which ye will know pain and worse, I cast unto ye mine blood curse.” ~ Vadoma


Four years after the Blood Curse, Pril of the Peddlers vows to protect her child against the evil men who hunt her. With her clan unaware of the branded girl among them, Pril has to keep the identity of her daughter a secret. When her child is kidnapped, she is forced to ask Merchant runner, Kade Walker, for his help.


Kade Walker needs to find the gypsy child. Blackmailed and pushed beyond his own moral code, he is determined to do whatever it takes. When he comes across the Peddler clan, he is sure the girl is there, however all hope is lost when the gypsies capture him. Time is running out—until Pril makes him an offer he cannot refuse.


Amidst greed, lust, revenge and love, Pril will need to trust Kade. But as the evil nears and doubt creeps in, will she discover that the enemy has been standing next to her all along?


Amazon     BN     Createspace     Chapters


Book Trailer:


Infinite House of Books Interview


What initially got you interested in writing?

I’ve always loved to write. There hasn’t been a time when I don’t remember not writing, whether it was cards, poems, songs, short stories, and eventually novels. When I was a teenager I wrote to express myself, to get my feelings out and not many people knew I was writing. As I grew older, got married, had children, the urge to write intensified and I’d find myself up late at night penning short stories and articles.

How did you decide to make the move into being a published author?

It was my goal all along. I have many self-published friends and some of them are very successful. However, that path was not for me. I worked very hard at finding a publisher, and there were many rejections along the way. I would not change all those letters, emails and the feelings of defeat and lack of self worth for anything! They are what molded me into the writer I am today. They taught me how to take constructive criticism. Inside those letters was advice from publishers who knew the industry way better than me, and I took their advice re-working, editing, revising until I sold my book.

What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?

There is always going to be difficult times, some people experience more of this than others. The stories I write are filled with reality, but also resonate love, forgiveness, and hope. I want readers to feel good, content when they’ve finished one of my novels. I do not want them to be disappointed or dissatisfied at the end of a book. I strive to give them a fulfilling read, at the same time taking them away to another time and place…allowing them to escape the realities of their lives for a little while.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

My readers. They are the reason I finish books, I stay up late to research…and I love hearing from them. I read all of my emails and I reply personally to all of them. The reviews, comments, and positive feedback I receive from my readers are the most rewarding thing for this writer.

What do you find most challenging about writing?

Deadlines. UGH. They are the worst, and a part of the job. I like to write freely not under pressure, however that is not the case sometimes, and when your publisher gives you a deadline…you MUST meet it. There are no excuses, no avoiding it, you have to finish…and if that means staying up for four nights straight…it will be done.

What advice would you give to people want to enter the field?

Be strong. Grow a thick skin, and be able to take constructive criticism. Research the industry. Know what publishers expect, and what the job as an author entails it’s not all writing books in a fancy office all day. Be smart. Watch other authors find out what they are doing to sell their books. Write well, and always use an editor, not a friend, but an actual editor who knows the industry and will polish your work so it is ready to submit to a publisher.
What ways can readers connect with you?

I really do love hearing from readers, and you can connect with me via my author Facebook page, my website, and twitter.


Blood Curse Excerpt:

“Upon mine death for the blood ye have shed,

every daughter born to ye shall die before it draws breath, to which ye will know pain and worse, I cast unto ye mine blood curse.”  ~ Vadoma




Appalachian Mountains, Virginia 1723


Pril Peddler lifted the green shawl from her trunk and wrapped it around her bare arms. The change in seasons brought a damp chill to the morning air, and the heavy woolen wrap kept her warm. She peeked at the small face huddled under the blankets at the back of the wagon. The charm above the child swayed on the string Pril had hung it from. A dull ache hummed in her chest when she thought of the horrific loss her clan had been dealt.

The evil was near, and she’d need to work another spell to keep them safe. Late for counsel with her brother, Galius, she kissed the soft cheek of her daughter before heading to the door.

Hand up, she shaded her eyes from the bright sun as she stepped from the back of the vardo. She pulled the heavy burlap curtain down to close the opening and walked toward Galius.

“Your steps are light this morning, Sister. One would think you did not want to be heard,” Galius said as he stirred the coffee beans inside the metal pot.

Tension twisted her gut. He was right; she did not want this counsel. She did not know what to say. She let the flicker of merriment in her brother’s eyes wash over her relaxing the muscles in her shoulders.

“My step is the same.” She poked him with her finger trying to ease her own nerves and his as well.

His lips lifted as if to smile, and she held her breath. It’d been weeks since he smiled. Pril’s heart ached, and her lips trembled.

He held up the bubbling pot. “Would you like a cup?”

She inhaled the aroma of strong coffee beans and nodded taking a seat on a wooden stump by the fire.

He handed her a cup and sat down across from her.

The wood crackled, and sparks jumped from the heat onto the ground in front of her. She tipped her chin concentrating on what to say next. Ever since the murder of her niece, she’d not been able to hold a conversation with either of her brothers without offering apologies. This morning was no different. She could not look Galius in the eyes and see the anguish and sorrow within them.

The Monroes had come again.

They’d never be safe.

She blinked away the tears hovering against her thick lashes. Tsura was asleep in her wagon, while another was lost to them forever. The door of her brother’s wagon creaked open and Milosh’s wife, Magda, stepped out. Black circles settled around her sunken eyes, and Pril felt the stab in her chest once more. Long brown hair fell untied down the woman’s back. The black clothes she’d put on weeks ago hung on her body unchanged and wrinkled from sleep. Milosh came from behind their wagon, a jar of honey in his hand. Pril stood when Galius’ large hand grabbed her wrist.

“They are not wanting to see you today, Sister.”

She heard the regret in his voice, swallowed past the guilt in her own throat and nodded. Milosh hadn’t spoken a single word to her since the death of his child. He blamed her, and it was clear so did Magda.

“I…I’m so sorry, Galius.”

He didn’t reply right away, and without seeing it, she knew he had wiped the tears from his eyes. “Alexandra’s death is not your fault.”

The words were spoken because they needed to be. Gypsies stayed together no matter what. They were family. There was no truth to his words, and Pril knew it.

“Are you going after them?” she asked.

“I hold no power, no spells flow from my lips. I am strong, yes, but they are stronger.” He stared at her, his eyes pleading. “We need the pendant.”

Guilt thickened her tongue; the gritty residue clung to her lips and tasted bitter.

The talisman had been in their family for generations, blessed by each new Chuvani. Vadoma had promised her the pendant before she died, but Pril never saw it, and there had been no time to search for the jewel when they fled.

“Without the pendant we cannot break the curse. We cannot protect our people.”

She knew this. They all knew this, but no one had a clue as to where the talisman was. She’d tried to call an image forward, to make a finding spell, but nothing worked.

“We have lost one of our own. Our clan is frightened. They have lost faith. We cannot fight the Monroes. We have neither the numbers nor the skill.” He took a long drink of his coffee. “And neither do you.”

She glanced at him.

“I know you, Sister. You’re planning to take Tsura.”

Pril sighed. She did not know what else to do. The Monroes were coming for her child. Alexandra had died because of that. Milosh and Magda hated her.

“Running is not going to change anything.”

“It will save lives. It will…help Milosh and Magda to heal.”

“No, it will not. Running will get you and Tsura killed and that is all.”

“How can you look at me when you know what I’ve brought to our family, when you know that this is all because of me?”

Galius blew out a long breath that moved his thick beard from his lips. She watched through tear filled eyes as his bottom lip quivered.

“Vadoma put this burden on you. For that, we do not judge.”

Their sister had died a vile death. She’d betrayed their clan and had hung while being burned. Pril ached for her sister’s guidance and counsel. She yearned to know that what she was doing was right.

“We had a plan, and up until Alexandra’s death it worked. We will rethink and come up with something better—stronger.”

The plan was simple. Dress the girls as boys, and the Monroes wouldn’t find them. But someone had figured out Alexandra was a girl. Someone had told the Monroes. They came for her, stealing the precious child in the middle of the night. The morning two weeks before, as the clan frantically searched for her, a harrowing scream Pril would never forget echoed across the land. Milosh found his daughter’s body by the river, her neck broken.

She raised a shaky hand to her mouth so she wouldn’t let out the sob she held against her lips.

“I have enough for one more protection spell.” She lied; her forehead ached because of it.

He glanced at her, his eyes showing no emotion. “You will concoct another.”

“I cannot.”

He frowned.

“The spell has the oil Vadoma blessed. Without it, Tsura is at the mercy of the Monroes and so are we.”

Galius pumped his large hands into tight fists. “Surly you can think of another?”

“I cannot. Vadoma placed the blood curse. It is only with the blessed oil that I am able to create the spell to keep danger away. The oil is almost gone.”

He worked his jaw. “That gypsy whore—

She held up her hand to stop him from blaspheming their sister. It wasn’t right. It brought evil to curse your own, and Pril would have none of it.

“Our sister had her reasons. Leave it be.”

“Reasons? She betrayed us. Left us with a curse we cannot break and wealthy plantation owners hunting our very hides—killing our children!”

She hung her head unable to look at him. What could she say? He was right. Her very niece had died but thirteen days ago.





About the Author:


Kat Flannery’s love of history shows in her novels. She is an avid reader of historical, suspense, paranormal, and romance. She has her Certificate in Freelance and Business Writing. A member of many writing groups, Kat enjoys promoting other authors on her blog. She’s been published in numerous periodicals throughout her career.


Her debut novel CHASING CLOVERS has been an Amazon Top 100 Paid bestseller. LAKOTA HONOR and BLOOD CURSE (Branded Trilogy) are Kat’s two award-winning novels and HAZARDOUS UNIONS is Kat’s first novella. Kat is currently hard at work on her next book.











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The After Effect

Renegade Heroes Series

Book Two

Rose Shababy


Genre: Urban Fantasy/Sci-fi


Publisher: Super sheroes LLC


Date of Publication: July 19th, 2016


after_Button 300 x 225

ISBN: 978-0-9904620-3-3



Number of pages: 228 approx.

Word Count: 72,757


Cover Artist: Regina Wamba


Maximum Ride meets Sin City in the Renegade Heroes series!


Kasey and his friends are fringe heroes. They use their abilities to protect society, until their last battle leaves Kasey almost dead. Disillusioned, they leave the city in search of peace.


But peace is the last thing they’ll find. Ever since Kasey escaped the cold fingers of death, his powers have been running wild. It doesn’t take long for his girlfriend, Blue, and the others to notice.


In the lush forests of northern Idaho they meet a brand new hero whose shocking revelation sheds new light on Kasey’s strange behavior.


And with her revelation comes a terrible solution none of them can accept.


Worse still, Kasey soon comes face to face with the nightmares of his past.


Will the heroes find the strength to face the consequences of their mistakes? Or will Kasey be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice?


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After the events of the morning, everyone seemed to need some private time, especially Blue. She went to our room and crawled back into bed, claiming to still be tired from the night before. Esme and Avery retreated outside, while Val and Ash went to town to go bowling with the couple they met the night before.

I sat by myself in the living room, remote in hand and flipping mindlessly through channels. With no one in close vicinity, I didn’t have to work to block out random thoughts and impressions. I stretched out on the couch and let myself relax completely, a rarity for me. No walls in my mind, no struggle for control, no confusion as I tried to sort out all the voices.

I came across the movie Casablanca as I scrolled through channels, and stopped. Something about the movie spoke to me, reminded me of me and Blue. I wondered if it was the depth of Rick and Ilsa’s love for each other that mirrored mine and Blue’s.

Maybe it’s the hopelessness of it, the voice inside me mocked. She has to give him up to do the right thing, and he has to push her to do it. Just as you’ll have to push Blue. There’s nothing you can do to change it. At least she’ll have Avery to comfort her after you’re gone.

Once again, the foreign anger inside me growled to life.

In defiance I pushed the channel up button on the remote, flipping through channels until I found one playing music videos and a close up of a woman’s face filled the screen.

Zelda, I thought as I studied her features. Despite Blue’s denial, I could still see a resemblance between the two of them. Zelda wore heavy makeup so it was hard to tell, and she seemed taller, leaner, and had longer features, but the similarities were there.

Her brow wrinkled as she sang, and the sadness in her eyes seemed to seep through the screen.

Stuck inside a life of maybe

Finding bliss in erratic shifts

I watch you avoiding me

Sin-free and quietly


Keep your hands clean

Keep your mind free

Never touch me

Forget to love me


We can be pure

so we can be godly

We can be meek

so we can be lonely


Open your eyes

Free from the guise

No longer hypnotized

Breaking out


Searching for a beautiful life

Somebody else’s life

Can I start over this life?

Breaking out


Something about her singing made me uneasy as I stared at her. The song was a kind of ballad, but still possessed an edge, an undeniable hardness. The mournful expression of earlier now seemed like a persona, fake sorrow. I turned the television off and laid back, closing my eyes, trying to quell the uneasiness.

I pushed the song from my mind, thinking about the events of the previous night, as well as this morning. I wondered if Rayne’s solution was truly the only way to fix things, but it was the image of Blue’s tear-stained face that haunted me as I fell asleep.


Home, I realized. I was home. I looked around the small room as I pulled the nightshirt in my hands over my head. The water closet, the old bed with the rusted frame, the bare wooden floor slats. I looked down at my hands and realized they were those of a child.

Suddenly, a gunshot rang out from the other room, and I dropped to the floor behind the bed as angry voices barked orders through the wall.

The door burst open and I scurried under the bed as a man dressed in camouflage and carrying a rifle marched in, dragging my sister Zoya by her hair. She screamed and I clamped a hand over my mouth to keep from screaming as well.

My father rushed into the room, yelling at the man until another soldier came up from behind and struck him on the back of the head with the butt of his own rifle.

Zoya screamed as our father crumpled to the ground, blood gushing from the wound at the back of his head. From under the bed, I watched it pool beneath him before one of the soldier’s dragged him from the room, the blood streaking across the floor in a gruesome smear. The first soldier shut the door behind him.

I watched as Zoya twisted herself around the soldier’s leg, biting him hard on the calf. The man backhanded her with a force that knocked her to the floor.

She lay still for a moment, facing the bed, until her eyes landed on me. Her voice filled my mind. Do not move, brother. Do not make a sound.

The soldier heaved her off the floor and threw her on the bed. The bedsprings flexed above me, and I flattened myself against the wooden slats of the floor to avoid being crushed.

The sound of Zoya crying filled my ears, and I squeezed my eyes shut as if I doing so could block out the noise. A wave of nausea hit me and suddenly, I found myself staring up at the soldier as he ripped the clothes off my body. In the same moment, I realized I was also staring down at Zoya as I shredded her clothes with strong, unfamiliar hands. 

I felt the screams tearing out of my throat as mad panic overwhelmed my senses, barely able to separate the image of the soldier above me and Zoya below.

A second later, the maniacal glee of the soldier ripped through me, and I couldn’t hold back my screams any longer.

I screamed until my throat was hoarse, until the screams turned to great heaving sobs. Only then did I hear the voice calling my name.

“Kasimir,” the voice soothed. “Shh. Open your eyes, little one.”

Peeking through my eyelids, I saw Zoya’s face peering at me under the bed. She reached out a hand.

“Come, little one, you are safe.”

“But you’re dead,” I breathed as I put my hand in hers and she helped me from under the bed. I looked around in wonder.

The walls had fallen away, and the bedroom sat in the middle of a clearing, a lush forest surrounding it on all sides as the sun shone down on us.

I looked at our joined hands and realized the hand that held hers belonged to an adult. The childish persona I had adopted in the dream had disappeared.

“That’s right,” I said aloud. “This is a dream.”

“Are you certain?” Zoya asked with a smile. “Just because you are not awake does not mean you are dreaming. I have been trying to communicate with you for a long time, but it was not until you understood what was happening that I was able to break through.”

“If this isn’t a dream, then what is it?”

“You are between,” she said. 

“Between what?”

“Between spaces. Between worlds.” She pointed toward the woods. “Look, there. Do you see it?”

I stared in the direction she pointed, and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the woods, I began to see a black void deep in the trees. At first I thought it was just the darkness of the woods itself, but after a moment I could see the outline of the void. The edges writhed and seethed as if alive, and the entire void blurred and shimmered like a puddle of oil.

“What is it?” I asked.

“It is the other side.” She lifted her hand again, this time pointing in the opposite direction. “And there. That is the world you know.”

I looked, this time shocked to see a ghost image of me sleeping on the couch projected against the trees.

Zoya continued, pointed at the ground beneath us. “This space is the crack between worlds. This is what you created when you died and went back. This is you.”

I nodded. “I understand. I just don’t know how to fix it.”

Zoya gave me a sad smile. “Yes, you do. Look again,” she said as she pointed back to the void.

I looked again, and suddenly I could see long, tentacle-like strands from the void snaking across the clearing, their thin fingers wrapped around me.

I cried out and tried to shake them off, but they moved and slid over my skin like oily, black mercury.

 “Just as you are attached to the world you know, you are now attached to the other side,” Zoya told me. “As long as you are attached to both worlds, they will continue to merge.”

“What will happen if the worlds merge?” I asked.

Her smiled disappeared. “Ultimate chaos. Both worlds will be lost.” Her voice took on a tone of urgency. “You must seal the rift before it is too late. If you do not, everything you love will be destroyed.”

I thought of Blue and realized that if I had to die, I couldn’t think of a better reason.

I looked at Zoya. “How do I fix it?”

 “You must go back. The pieces of that world you see attached to you will follow you back in, and the rift will seal itself.”

“Is there any way I can seal it and stay with Blue?” I asked.

Zoya frowned. “As long as you are attached to the other side, you cannot stay with her.”

“She won’t let go easily,” I told her.

“No,” my sister agreed. “She loves you as deeply as any person has ever loved another. I am glad you found such a love, little one, even if only for a short while.”

I stared at her, as if realizing for the first time who I was talking to, and I reached for her hand again. “I wish you could meet her. I miss you, sister.”

She pulled me into an embrace. “I have been with you since the rift was opened,” she whispered against my ear. “Fighting to protect you. I will stay with you as long as I can.”

I pulled away and looked at her worried face. “What do you mean?”

She glanced toward the void. “There are others who are not so benevolent. I fight them as much as I can, but I cannot fight them all. Your mind is too open. The barriers are down, and the others are trying to use you to gain access to the other side. If they overwhelm you, you will be lost forever and the side you know, her world,” she said pointedly, and I knew she meant Blue, “will be lost along with you.”

I nodded, tears filling my eyes as I looked at my sister. “Is it terrible, Zoya? The other side?”

“No,” she smiled. “Those of the light, stay within the light, and those of the dark, stay within the dark. I existed in place of pure joy. The two sides have begun to merge only since the rift was created. If you repair it, all will be as it was.” 

Zoya glanced at the void again, before looking back at me with fearful eyes. “It is time for you to wake up, little one, but before I go, one last warning. The past may be gone, but it is not dead. Very soon you will come face to face with your nightmares.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

The void emitted a strange mix of moaning and hissing, and Zoya’s frantic eyes darted to the abyss. “No time,” she whispered. “Wake up!”


I gasped for air as I woke, rolling off the couch in my panic. I hit the floor with a heavy thud.

As my breathing calmed, I replayed the dream in my mind. Not a dream, I reminded myself. It may have started out just like my nightmares, but it definitely hadn’t ended like one.

I warmed as I thought of Zoya. Ever since I lost my family, I’d tried to put it in the past and forget what happened. I’d told myself to look to the future and focus on becoming the person I wanted to be.

Now I realized the past stayed with us no matter how much we tried to ignore it. By trying to ignore it, I had dishonored the memory of my family. I had dishonored Zoya.

“I will do better,” I said aloud. “I promise you, Zoya, I will make things right.”












The Blue Effect

Renegade Heroes

Book One

Rose Shababy


Blue Brennan is jaded and bitter despite her pinup girl looks and quick wit. Night after night, she scours the Seattle club scene looking for someone or something to fill the emptiness inside.

When she meets the mysterious Kasey, her world stops… literally. He claims she has the ability to control time and stuns her even further when he reveals his own gifts.

Blue is inexplicably drawn to Kasey and reluctantly enters his world filled with a new breed of humanity. They’re misfits like her, blessed or cursed with powerful abilities, struggling to hide their differences from the rest of society.

Then the group discovers a nameless, faceless sociopath with nightmarish powers; and he’s coming for Blue. She’s left reeling when they discover her gifts are the key to defeating his terrible evil and saving them all.

Now she must race against the clock to harness her own powers and save her new friends. Can she be more than a renegade? Can she be a hero too?

On Sale for .99 at Amazon









About the Author:


Rose Shababy and her family reside in eastern Washington State. Rose grew up in the Northwest but swears she’s going to move to warmer climates someday. She’s claimed this for over 20 years, however, and has yet to move more than 75 miles away from her mother.


Rose has a deep love of all things Star Trek and yearns to travel the heavens, as well as an intense desire to be bitten by a radioactive spider. Unfortunately she sucks at science and math so she hasn’t been able bring her dreams to life, instead living vicariously through books, comics, television and film. She hopes to someday make a million dollars so she can afford to buy her way to the international space station, but she’d settle for being able to fly around the world and leap tall buildings in a single bound.


Rose also loves to cook and worked for years in a gourmet Italian grocery and deli where she learned to hone her skills. She prepares culinary masterpieces for her family, but fervently wishes the dishes would wash themselves. Especially now that her dishwashers/children are nearly grown and only one still lives at home.

Rose likes to use her free time wisely. For instance, she likes to daydream, will often read for hours until she falls asleep on the couch with an electric blanket and a warm tabby cat curled up on her hip, as well as spending cozy weekend days watching Syfy movies like Sharknado and Mega Piranha with her husband.


If Rose were a cartoon animal, she’d prefer to be a wise old owl or a sleek and sexy jaguar, but in reality she’d probably be a myopic mole with coke-bottle glasses.














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Plane Walker 

Plane Waker Cover 712016

Book Description:

The Manus Dei system proved that a deity exists.

The universe was changed forever.

Mankind desires equal footing with the God.

The God seeks to abandon mankind.


After his wife dies during childbirth, Lazarus’s life takes a turn for the worst. Addictions and neglect spread across the years as Lazarus focuses on the Deity as the apex of his frustration. During a freak accident, his daughter Elisha disappears. At his weakest point, Lazarus’s last memories of his daughter are erased, leaving him stranded with no clue of her final whereabouts.


On a final whim of desperation, Lazarus locates the last Manus Dei system in existence, hoping to use the machine to find the memories he has forgotten in life. But not without harsh repercussions.


Will Lazarus find Elisha? Or will he succumb to the terrible consequences of using the Manus Dei? Will Lazarus’s ulterior motives turn his daughter’s rescue mission into a war against the God?


Reinventing the face of science fiction and blurring the lines between genres and styles, Plane Walker will leave you enthralled and begging for more – intensely hoping that Lazarus will find his daughter Elisha while harboring feelings of both dread and suspense.


Welcome to the future. Embrace the unknown.





What initially got you interested in writing?


A: As far back as I can remember, I have always had a keen interest for writing.  I remember filling entire composition notebooks with stories of science fiction and horror when I was only ten or twelve years of age.  I actually still have some of these notebooks, however tattered they have become.  Film always inspired me growing up seeing as my mother loved to show my brother and me films of science fiction and fantasy.  I think her choices of entertainment growing up truly influenced my desire to write.


How did you decide to make the move into being a published author?


A: Sometimes there is this feeling that I think everyone has at least once in their life, when they know exactly what they were meant to do.  A fervent passion that enlightens them and shows them a path of possibilities.  I had a lot of different things I wanted to get involved with, from MMA to Acting and Music, there was never a shortage of things I wanted to try.  I got good at a lot of things but nothing ever came close to my passion for fiction and my desire to create something new.  I honestly feel that it was what I was meant to be, my purpose.


What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?


A: I’ve always found the greatest works of fiction entice emotions.  Whether it be sadness, fear, excitement, humor, etc.  I want Plane Walker, and many of my other writing, to make people question their beliefs.  I want to challenge people, intrigue them.  My favorite author is H. P. Lovecraft and one of the reasons that I love his work so much is because he always challenged you to question everything.


What do you find most rewarding about writing?


A: In life, there is very little that we have control over.  Bad things happen and sometimes everything seems to spin out of control.  The most rewarding thing I have found in writing is the power I have over the worlds I create.  When I am writing, I am in control of everything.  It is truly an amazing feeling.  One that neither myself nor anyone else on Earth will ever have in reality.


What do you find most challenging about writing?


A: I would say the most challenging part of writing is fighting writer’s block.  My friends and colleagues always ask me, “How did you write a 450 page book?  I mean seriously?  Didn’t you ever get tired?”  I always tell them yes, I absolutely felt drained very often.  But the best solution I have found to writer’s block is to force yourself to keep writing.  No matter how dull or uncreative it is, you can always go back when the passion reinvigorates and lace that energy back into it.  Progress cannot sleep.


What advice would you give to people want to enter the field?


A: Read A LOT.  I don’t mean just fiction or your specific genre either.  Read a lot of nonfiction, like guides to editing, writing techniques, etc.  A good start is always William Strunk Jr.’s The Elements of Style.  Quite possibly the greatest and easiest tool ever made for authors.  Writing is an art form, and like all art, research and practice make perfect.  Never stop improving!  And lastly, always take yourself seriously.  Hold yourself up to the highest standards in regards to quality.  Never settle for an easy way out in anything.


What ways can readers connect with you?


A: They can always connect through email at:


Business or Professional:




The professional email is probably the quickest way to reach me as my personal email is full of junk, unfortunately.  I am always available for publishing advice, consultations, PR opportunities, short story submissions for Gehenna Publishing House, Editorial Services, and more.  If you think I’d like to hear it or find it interesting, send it over.  We authors need to stick together!

Author Bio:

profile pic CP

C.P. Dunphey was born in Staten Island, New York.  He grew up in Southern Mississippi and had an interest in writing since he was very young.  In 2015, he founded his own publishing house, Gehenna Publishing House.  His first novel, Plane Walker, was released in 2016.  He hopes to further his writing as well as offer authors opportunities to be heard and read, his dream being that Gehenna Publishing House becomes a household name.  The sequel to his novel, Plane Walker, titled Heiron, is slated for release in early 2017.


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Shadow of the Coalition Banner 851 x 315

Shadow of the Coalition
The Two Towers Series
Book Two
Jamie A. Waters

Genre: Paranormal Romance /
Science Fiction Romance /
Dystopian Romance

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

Date of Publication: June 28, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-77127-810-2

Number of pages: 417
Word Count: 107,000

Shadow of the Coalition Button 300 x 225

Cover Artist: SuzieDesigns

Book Description:

The award-winning novel, The Two Towers, continues in Book 2…

What’s stronger? Free will or fate?

It’s been a month since Kayla, a headstrong ruin rat, and Carl, an OmniLab trader, returned to the surface. After she helped to restore control of the towers to those who would look after the best interests of the people, she’d found herself irrevocably bonded to Alec, the new co-leader of the High Council.

Although her heart belongs to Carl, she finds it difficult to resist the strange bond between her and Alec. Caught between learning how to handle her new emerging abilities, mysterious earthquakes, and a strange group seemingly intent on targeting OmniLab, Kayla and Carl are once again swept up in events that threaten to change the entire future of the towers.


Book Trailer      Spotify Playlist


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Interview with the Author:

What initially got you interested in writing?

I’ve always had a love affair with books, computer games, and anything that happened to capture my imagination. I loved exploring new worlds, meeting new characters and becoming completely immersed in an alternate reality.

I just feel naturally into writing and storytelling. I started writing stories (and really bad Ultima fan-fiction) back in middle school. I continued writing stories just for myself for many years. After I had my son, I wrote stories for him to encourage a love for books, storytelling and reading. I eventually wrote a young adult story for him that ended up being a full-length novel. The realization that I could actually write an entire book astounded me.

How did you decide to make the move into being a published author?

After finishing my young adult novel and realizing – “Hey! I can do this!” – I decided to try my hand at writing something on a more adult level. Initially, I didn’t start out even thinking about getting published. It was more of test for myself. Once the first book in my adult series was finished though, my family and friends encouraged me to go ahead and try submitting it. I did, not really expecting much to come of it, but was thrilled when I got several interested emails and an offer from MuseItUp Publishing.

What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?

Entertainment, mostly. But it’s really up to each person. Everyone is at a different point in their life and everyone is looking for something. My book may not be the right choice for them at this particular point in their life, or it may touch something within them at a time that they needed it. At the very least, I hope they can escape for a little while and come get lost in my head with me – it’s really a fun place to be.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

Exploring possibilities and connecting with my readers. There are no limits in writing. Whatever your imagination can dream up, you can turn it into a reality. I love talking to my readers and connecting with them about my characters. They come up with ideas and get impressions that completely blow me away. I’ve exchanged emails and met some really amazing people. It’s really humbling and incredible knowing my words and characters touched some part of their lives.

What do you find most challenging about writing?

My characters. They frequently don’t do what I expect. I’ll have an idea about what’s going to happen in a story, but my characters end up surprising me. It ends up throwing my entire idea out the window and most of the time, I feel like I’m just along for the ride. I’m just the narrator and they’re the ones driving the bus.

What advice would you give to people want to enter the field?

Writing and storytelling is more than an art. It’s a passion. It’s a craft. You have to keep developing yourself as a writer, listen and absorb criticism with grace and humor, and keep loving what you do. But most of all… keep writing. Don’t ever give up.

What ways can readers connect with you?

Links to all of my social networking sites can be found at, including upcoming events posted on my blog. There’s also a contact form if you want to send me a direct email. You *will* get a response back. I love connecting with and talking to my readers.

I’m also going to be at the Authors After Dark Convention in Savannah, GA on August 3-7, 2016. I’ll be sponsoring a breakfast on Friday, doing a book signing on Saturday, and participating in a bunch of the events. I’d love to see some of you there!


Kayla got down on hands and knees to crawl between the floor and a collapsed ancient wall in Sector 12. It would be a tight fit, but she’d navigated worse in the past. Taking a deep breath, she sucked in her stomach and squeezed through the narrow space.
Getting up, she brushed the dirt off her visor and shone the flashlight around what appeared to have once been a common room. Living room, she remembered. Although, there definitely wasn’t anything living in the room now. A thick shroud of dust and debris coated the surfaces within the room. The remnants of an old fireplace stood in the corner and pieces of broken furniture were scattered on the floor.
Closing her eyes, a deep breath helped to focus her thoughts. Using what she now knew as energy threads, she opened up her senses to explore the hidden world around. The darkness fell away, embracing the energy swirling in the ruins. The energy had the flavor of an almost living thing, inviting her to tap into it. She shivered as it poured in and her blood hummed with the rush of power. Her fingers unfurled as the energy became an almost tangible thing.
She basked in the warmth and excitement of the intoxicating power. As the energy flowing through her increased, it was a little easier to ignore the sense of wrongness and longing she suspected was from being separated from Alec.
It had only been six weeks since she left OmniLab towers. After she helped to restore control of the towers to those who would look after the best interests of the residents, she’d found herself irrevocably bonded to Alec, the new co-leader of the High Council. Even though he was enigmatic and alluring, the shared energy bond scared her more than she wanted to admit. He was likeable enough, but it was an OmniLab trader named Carl who had truly touched her heart.
Her face warmed at the thought of Carl. Even though they’d known each other for almost a year, it wasn’t until she recently joined his camp that she began to see him in a new light. The man had a quick mind and was incredibly devious, two traits she greatly admired.
Living as a ruin rat on the surface was a constant challenge. Survival was sometimes dependent upon outsmarting the OmniLab traders and their crews. Kayla enjoyed the challenges Carl provided, pitting her will against his. He seemed to understand her better than anyone else had in a long time. Of course, it didn’t hurt that he was sexy as hell too.
With a sigh, she pushed away the errant thoughts and focused back on the dilapidated room. The energy continued to flow around her, and she focused on channeling it until the mental image of the room began to shift and transform. The dingy walls became brightly painted surfaces covered with family photographs. A child played on the floor while her parents sat on the couch and watched an antique vidviewer on the wall.
She opened her eyes and stared at the verisimilitude of the ruined room. A wave of vertigo swept over her as the mental image overlapped with reality. Shaking her head, she pushed aside the image but the memory of the past refused to leave completely.
An old photograph caught her attention and she crossed the room toward the cockeyed frame. The glass was cracked and the picture faded, but she gasped at the sight of the image. The family looked exactly like the one she’d imagined. The energy flow spiked, and she swallowed nervously trying to regain control.
Veridian’s voice interrupted over her headset. “Kayla? You okay? Your vitals just spiked.”
“Uh, yeah. Sorry about that,” she said in a rush, not wanting to alarm her scavenging partner on the surface. He’d been monitoring her progress for the past hour. “I just found an old photograph and it surprised me. That’s all.”
Okay, Kayla, keep it together. You know this energy shit is freaky and you haven’t figured exactly how it works yet. Just relax.
A slight vibration under her feet caused her to freeze. The floor felt secure, but vibrations didn’t usually happen without reason. More curious than alarmed, she bent down and pressed her gloved hand against the ground. The vibration grew stronger.
“Kayla, get out of there now!” Veridian’s voice shouted over the headset. “We’ve got seismic activity on the monitors.”
The walls began shaking violently. A rumbling noise grew in intensity. Dust and debris fell around her. She crouched low against the wall, powerless to do anything else. The picture frame on the wall crashed to the floor. There was a loud cracking noise and she threw her arms up over her head as part of the ceiling collapsed.

About the Author:

Jamie A. Waters is an award-winning, science-fiction and paranormal romance writer. Her first novel, The Two Towers, was a winner of the Readers’ Favorite Award in Science-Fiction Romance and the CIPA EVVY Award in Science-Fiction. The highly anticipated second book in the series, Shadow of the Coalition, is scheduled to be released Summer 2016 by MuseItUp Publishing.

Jamie currently resides in North Carolina with her teenage son and two neurotic dogs who enjoy stealing socks. When she’s not pursuing her passion of writing, she’s usually trying to learn new and interesting random things (like how to pick locks or use the self-cleaning feature of the oven without setting off the fire alarm). In her downtime, she enjoys reading on her Kindle, playing computer games, painting, or acting as a referee between the dragons and fairies currently at war inside her closet.

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 Flat Bewitching Cover Reveal

Highway Thirteen to Manhattan
The Six Train to Wisconsin Series
Book Two
Kourtney Heintz

Highway-Thirteen-to-Manhattan-final ebook cover

Genre: Paranormal and Suspense

Publisher: Aurea Blue Press

Date of Publication: 11/1/2016

ISBN: 978-0989132688

Number of pages: 420
Word Count: 94,000

Cover Artist: Creative Paramita

Book Description:

His secrets almost killed her. Her secrets may destroy them both.

Kai is recovering from a near-death experience when she realizes something isn’t right. Her body is healing, but her mind no longer feels quite like her own. Her telepathic powers are changing, too. She can’t trust herself. The darkness growing inside of her pushes her to use her telepathy as a weapon.

Oliver clings to the hope that he can save their marriage, even though he was the one who put her life in jeopardy. As his wife slips further and further away from him, he becomes increasingly obsessed with bringing the man who ruined his life to justice.

The sequel to The Six Train to Wisconsin is a genre-defying tale of love and consequences. Once again, award-winning author Kourtney Heintz seamlessly weaves suspense and paranormal intrigue into a real-world setting, creating characters rich in emotional and psychological complexity.



Like most daughters, I loved my parents, but right now, I wanted them anywhere but here. Hospitals are always hard, but my parents managed to make it harder. My head was already pounding from all the thoughts and emotions coming at me. Not just from the patients and their families and the doctors and the nurses, but also from my mother and father. Instead of shielding their thoughts and trying to make it better for me, they let their emotions crash into me.
My mind wasn’t strong enough for all this. Neither was my body. Tubes eviscerated my right hand. A giant bruise blossomed beside the newest IV line. A cast wrapped around my left wrist. My broken pinky finger had been set and taped to my ring finger. The back of my head was held together with stitches. Beneath the blanket, my body was covered in bruises.
I didn’t feel any physical pain because of the medications the doctors pumped into me. They said I needed it to recover, but it made my body feel like it wasn’t mine. And the steady drip of opiates didn’t just steal my physical pain; it left me unable to form the psychic shield I needed to protect myself from the misery swirling around me.
Mom sat in the chair closest to my bed. She wore one of her flowing peasant blouses and faded jeans. Her hair was pulled back in a messy bun, and light brown strands slipped loose to hang around her face. The corners of her hazel eyes were pinched with worry.
Her hand hovered over my arm, unsure where to touch me—if she should touch me. Finally, she laid her hand gently on my thigh. “You just need to rest here for a few more days.”
She was wrong. I needed to get out of here. Away from all these thoughts as soon as possible. “I want to go home.”
Mom shook her head. “You need to let the doctors help you.” Like they did last time.
Her thoughts slammed into my brain. She thought hospitalization was the solution to everything.
“Please. Look at what’s happened to you. You can’t go home until you’re better,” she said. I can’t lose you. I won’t let that happen.
I didn’t know how to reassure her. Yes, I’d almost died, but being here was hurting me more than it was healing me. I swallowed all the words I wanted to say and hoped for Caleb to come back soon. My brother would know how to talk to Mom, how to make her understand.
The doctor came in to check on me and Mom’s agonizing fear rose up. Don’t let her have brain damage.
Dad patted Mom’s shoulder. He looked like an older, surfer version of Caleb. Both were tall and muscular with curly blond hair. Dad’s hair was a darker blond streaked with platinum from decades in the sun and salt water. His eyes were greener than Caleb’s, but like Caleb’s, they were rimmed with purple bruises. When Dad smiled, sun lines radiated from his eyes and cut across his cheeks. But I hadn’t seen them since he’d arrived at my bedside. Instead, waves of exhaustion rolled off him and rippled over me, right before I heard his thoughts. I can’t go through this again, watching you slip away.
My younger sister Naomi lounged in the chair in the corner as far from me as she could get. She had Mom’s light brown hair and thin frame and Dad’s green eyes and height. She looked nothing like me and only distantly related to Caleb. Her long legs looped over the armrest as she flipped through a magazine. Thanks for ruining Christmas break. I’d rather be anywhere but here.
I felt the same way.
At least Oliver was gone for the moment. Mom had convinced him to go home, take a shower, maybe even sleep. I couldn’t bear his guilt; it was so thick it choked me.
Oliver. My husband. God. I’d never loved and hated someone so much at the same time. I still couldn’t believe he’d called my parents. He knew how bad they were at handling me. How could he have thought that having my family here would be good for me?
Bitterness frosted my thoughts. I was in a hospital, bruised and battered. I’d almost died. That’s what Caleb had said. He was the only one willing to tell me the truth. Oliver had said it was bad, but he wouldn’t say how bad. He couldn’t bear to admit what happened to me.
About the Author:

Kourtney Heintz writes award-winning cross genre fiction that melds paranormal, suspense, and literary into an unforgettable love story. For her characters, love is a journey never a destination. Her debut novel, The Six Train to Wisconsin, has been on the Amazon Bestseller lists for Psychic Mysteries and Paranormal and Urban Fantasy.

Kourtney resides in Connecticut with her warrior lapdog, Emerson, and three quirky golden retrievers. Years of working on Wall Street provided the perfect backdrop for her imagination to run amuck at night, imagining a world where out-of-control telepathy and buried secrets collide. As K.C. Tansley, she writes bestselling YA time travel murder mysteries.

She has been featured in the Republican American, on WTNH’s CT Style, and Everything Internet on the radio. She has a B.S. in Business Administration from Georgetown University with a double major in finance and international business and a minor in Chinese. She received a Master of Pacific International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego.

You can find out more about Kourtney and her books at:


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Vernal by Randi Cooley Wilson

To be Released on June 30th, 2016

Genre: New Adult/Paranormal/Fantasy




Serena has a bright future etched in stone.
Tristan has a dark past that haunts him.
Together, they have a love that can never be.

Sheltered, and unable to escape her bloodline, Serena St. Michael has spent the last two years training at the Royal Protector Academy. Struggling with a dark past, Tristan Gallagher’s current assignment is to protect a lifetime of secrets. One chance encounter will change everything. Serena must decide if she will follow her heart, forsaking all she’s ever known and risking a future worse than non-existence. Tristan will break every rule to save Serena, even if he can’t keep her. In their world of darkness, one love will ignite an ancient war. When pasts collide with the present, and secrets are revealed, will love be enough? Or will one lie destroy it all?

When you’ve hidden behind a mask for so long, would you reveal yourself for love? Vernal, the first novel in The Royal Protector Academy series is a dangerously exciting and darkly romantic tale that will take your breath away.



Interview with the Author:

What initially got you interested in writing?

I’d initially started writing in elementary school. I found it therapeutic in a strange way. Although when I was younger, I’d really just viewed it as something fun I like doing to escape the world for a while, similar to when you read a book. I like creating stories and characters and new worlds. It was fun.


How did you decide to make the move into being a published author?

After I had my daughter, I pulled together the storyline for the Revelation Series (my first book series) and a friend (who works in the publishing world) encouraged me to release it. Once I realized people didn’t hate it but wanted more, I was encouraged to continue writing and releasing my novels.


What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?

Honestly, I want them to be able to escape day-to-day realities, even for a brief time. I hope my stories allow for that.


What do you find most rewarding about writing?

I love the creative process, when the story comes together and all the plot pieces fall into place.


What do you find most challenging about writing?

Writing – lol. It’s hard.


What advice would you give to people want to enter the field?

Write stories you want to read. The end. Don’t follow trends, or worry if they will sell. Just write stories you love and that will ensure you’re heart is in each word.


What ways can readers connect with you?

Readers can always get in touch with me via any of my social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, Randi’s Rebels, which I happen to frequent often.


Thanks so much for having me today!

About the Author:

Randi new

Randi Cooley Wilson is a “New Adult” Paranormal/Fantasy and Contemporary Romance author. A resident of Massachusetts, she makes stuff up, devours romance books, drinks lots of wine and coffee, and has a slight addiction to bracelets. For more information visit:


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Scattered Seeds Banner 851 x 315



Scattered Seeds

Julie Doherty


Genre: Historical fiction, elements of romance

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Date of Publication: April 27, 2016

ISBN: 1-68291-050-4

ASIN: B01E056H1Q

Number of pages: 339

Word Count: 100,000

Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde

Book Description:


In 18th century Ireland, drought forces Edward and Henry McConnell to assume false names and escape to America with the one valuable thing they still own–their ancestor’s gold torc.


Edward must leave love behind. Henry finds it in the foul belly of The Charming Hannah, only to lose it when an elusive trader purchases his sweetheart’s indenture.


With nothing but their broken hearts, a lame ox, and a torc they cannot sell without invoking a centuries-old curse, they head for the backcountry, where all hope rests upon getting their seed in the ground. Under constant threat of Indian attack, they endure crushing toil and hardship. By summer, they have wheat for their reward, and unexpected news of Henry’s lost love. They emerge from the wilderness and follow her trail to Philadelphia, unaware her cruel new master awaits them there, his heart set on obtaining the priceless torc they protect.


Book Trailer:


Thank you for allowing me a little space on your blog today.
As a writer of historical fiction, I spend a fair amount of time each July 4th thinking about the stalwart forefathers who sacrificed everything for our independence.
Did you know there was another noteworthy July 4th, one rarely acknowledged? That July 4th happened in 1754, and it’s every bit as important as the one we celebrate today. Let me take you there, pictorially. We’ll have ourselves a little bloggy field trip.

First, you need to know something about the America of 1754. Much of this land was yet a vast wilderness. The British held territory from Philadelphia to the eastern Appalachians. The French and their native allies controlled the fur-rich regions to the west.

Poor conditions in Europe forced waves of desperate folks to the British colonies. Most had no choice but to seek a plot of their own in the backwoods, often past the official British boundary.

The French responded to the sudden influx of British settlers by planning a line of forts from Canada southward. The British could not tolerate this, as a fortified north-south border would not only halt migration, but also risk the French pushing them off the lands they’d already settled. They decided to build forts of their own.

In late May, young George Washington (I wonder if he still had his own teeth? Check ‘em out!) arrived for reconnoitering at a large natural clearing in present-day Fayette County, Pennsylvania. It was the perfect setting for a base camp. There was plenty of water and—ta da!—grass for his animals.
The French found out about the camp and sent Joseph Coulon de Villiers southeast from Fort Duquesne (now Pittsburgh) to tell Washington to pack his crap and get off their territory.
Determined to confront the French commander on his own terms, Washington marched all night with forty men to this spot, where he easily surrounded de Villiers and his men:
It’s called Jumonville Glen now, and it’s as serene a place as I’ve ever been. It is hard to picture anything brutal happening here, but it did. Some idiot fired a musket (probably my ancestor), and all hell broke loose. Fifteen minutes later, George Washington declared victory and took the French commander prisoner. He intended to treat him with the courtesies due a captured military officer. However, the natives accompanying him adhered to no such rules. In fact, they saw the humane treatment of an enemy as weakness.
Without warning, the Mingo chief accompanying Washington grabbed a tomahawk and bashed in the French commander’s brains. Washington was no doubt mortified, not only because the murder broke all rules of known civility, but because he knew that when word of the incident reached Fort Duquesne, the Frenchman’s brother, a captain, would vow revenge.
He was not mistaken.

Washington and his men hastily constructed a fort, a circular stockade made of 7-foot-high upright logs. They covered it with bark and skins. Inside, a tiny hut housed ammunition and provisions.


Washington called for reinforcements, and by July 1st, he had nearly 400 troops under his command, some of them listed HERE. It would not be enough to defeat the large force of French and Indians advancing on them. On July 2nd, Washington ordered his men to dig trenches. On the rainy morning of July 3rd, the French and their Indian allies arrived. A battle broke out. The rain turned torrential, and filled the trenches Washington’s bedraggled men had dug only the day before. Everything was drenched, including the gunpowder, which silenced Washington’s weapons.

The fight was over.

The French commander sent an officer under a white flag to negotiate surrender. He warned that if Washington did not yield the fort at once, he would unleash the Indians. Having witnessed native brutality firsthand, Washington agreed to the terms, which were given to him in writing. Had he been able to read French, he probably wouldn’t have signed the document, for it was essentially a confession to the “assassination” of the French officer, Joseph Coulon de Villiers at what is now Jumonville Glen.

On July 4, Washington and his troops abandoned Fort Necessity.
Should you wish to visit any of these sites in person, you can learn more here.





Julie Doherty expected to follow in her artist-father’s footsteps, but words, not oils, became her medium. Her novels have been called “romance with teeth” and “a sublime mix of history and suspense.”

Her marriage to a Glasgow-born Irishman means frequent visits to the Celtic countries, where she studies the culture that liberally flavors her stories. When not writing, she enjoys cooking over an open fire at her cabin, gardening, and hiking the ridges and valleys of rural Pennsylvania, where she lives just a short distance from the farm carved out of the wilderness by her 18th century “Scotch-Irish” ancestors.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Central Pennsylvania Romance Writers, Perry County Council of the Arts, and Clan Donald USA.












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