For $10.00 USD, an author can pay via Paypal to be the top “sticky” featured author post at INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS for a 7-day period. This means the author feature will appear before any book tours, even ones for that day.

A Featured Author spot includes:

  • Author Interview AND Guest Post
  • List of Books Author Wishes to Highlight (Great for authors with backlists and no current books to tour!)
  • Special #infiniteauthor mentions on @InfiniteBooks Twitter


A couple caveats:

  • Authors may add their own giveaways, but MUST be Rafflecopter; INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS does not administer giveaways or do comment based giveaways
  • These spots must be booked by individual authors, NOT paid spots by blog tours. ¬†An agent, publisher, or other public relations professional may contact on the author’s behalf.

Contact for more information and scheduling!