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INFINITE ADVENTURE – Examining a Travel Journal

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On my trip to San Diego this summer with my husband, I decided to look into seeing if a travel journal might help make the trip more interesting. I discovered that Moleskine – a fairly reputable journal brand – sold a version specifically for a travel journal  they called the Voyageur. So I purchased one to see if it would be worth it, which I couldn’t really assess from the outside as the journal came shrink-wrapped.


One aspect of the wrapping was a QR code on the cover that said it would show how to use the journal. I played it by scanning the QR code with my mobile phone, and it showed people writing in the journal, as well as using the other side of the outer wrapper for an added “special feature” of the journal I’ll get to later on. There really wasn’t much of an instruction tutorial here, just a slick little promo.


Upon unwrapping the book, I opened it and found it contained helpful maps and charts. These are just a couple samples.




The other part of the package was the paper that had been wrapped around the outside of the journal. On the other side was printed an arrow, with the words “I AM HERE,” and from the video was intended to be used along with social media tagging. I only found it a silly addition, and a weak attempt to make the book appear more relevant to a wider audience.


Here is me struggling to use the insert in my hotel room. It is difficult trying to imagine placing this for a carefully framed shot.


Outside of the forced social media angle, I really feel the book is well laid out and organized. It also provides a lot of good space for writing down the stories of one’s adventures in a durable book. While we never did end up using it while we spent our time in San Diego – maybe because we visited there often in the past – I do plan to try it on a future trip!



#INFINITEADVENTURE – Travel Guide for San Diego Old Town

My husband and I have gone to Comic-Con International: San Diego for 20 years now. For the last couple years, we’ve stayed in Old Town, but hadn’t previously had the chance to explore it. To get a sense of what was there, we decided to try out a travel guide to see what it might tell us. Moon San Diego sounded promising as it claimed to be written by a local, so we thought it might provide added insights than a better known guide.

From what it told us, the shops all seemed to close at 6 p.m. and there was absolutely no indication of any restaurants. Since we didn’t check into the hotel until 5 p.m., we raced across the street to see what we could see before everything closed… or so we thought!

It pleased us to find out not only was Old Town San Diego open longer than we thought (until 9 p.m.), there were several restaurants open until 11pm. None of these insights were provided by our travel guidebook!

So the two of us had a wonderful time just discovering Old Town San Diego on our own.


We then went inside the Plaza de Oro, which is where most of the shops were, along with a performance stage. At the center is the restaurant  Casa de Reyes, where we enjoyed combination meals to sample a wide variety their offerings. I had a beef tamale, cheese enchilada, and my favorite Mexican food… the chile relleno!  Not to mention the great guacamole they brought to our table when we ordered it extra. As our meal got underway, musicians got on stage and performed as well.

A great evening to prep for Comic-Con, and we’re so glad we took the time. It just would have been nice to have the travel guide be more helpful. It’s probably great if you planned to spend all day there or earlier in the day.




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