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INFINITE ADVENTURE – Garden Inspiration Books Versus Attending a Home Show

DISCLAIMER: All book titles here were provided by Netgalley. Tickets to the Anaheim Home and Garden Show came complimentary from a vendor friend’s allotment to share with others. No other form of compensation was received. This statement per the requirements of the Federal Trade Commission.

Since my husband and I still live in an apartment, we’re not thinking of doing our own garden just yet. However, when someone offered us complimentary tickets to the Anaheim Home and Garden Show, it got me thinking about how much advice books alone could give in this area, compared to what one might see in person.

Since it didn’t make sense to be looking at how-to books, seeing as we don’t yet have a garden or landscape to work on, I decided to look over a few garden books and see how they might provide inspiration.

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INFINITE ADVENTURE – Examining a Travel Journal

DISCLAIMER: This is a review of a product purchased by the site administrator with no expectation of review or additional compensation. This information provided by the Federal Trade Commission.

On my trip to San Diego this summer with my husband, I decided to look into seeing if a travel journal might help make the trip more interesting. I discovered that Moleskine – a fairly reputable journal brand – sold a version specifically for a travel journal  they called the Voyageur. So I purchased one to see if it would be worth it, which I couldn’t really assess from the outside as the journal came shrink-wrapped.


One aspect of the wrapping was a QR code on the cover that said it would show how to use the journal. I played it by scanning the QR code with my mobile phone, and it showed people writing in the journal, as well as using the other side of the outer wrapper for an added “special feature” of the journal I’ll get to later on. There really wasn’t much of an instruction tutorial here, just a slick little promo.


Upon unwrapping the book, I opened it and found it contained helpful maps and charts. These are just a couple samples.




The other part of the package was the paper that had been wrapped around the outside of the journal. On the other side was printed an arrow, with the words “I AM HERE,” and from the video was intended to be used along with social media tagging. I only found it a silly addition, and a weak attempt to make the book appear more relevant to a wider audience.


Here is me struggling to use the insert in my hotel room. It is difficult trying to imagine placing this for a carefully framed shot.


Outside of the forced social media angle, I really feel the book is well laid out and organized. It also provides a lot of good space for writing down the stories of one’s adventures in a durable book. While we never did end up using it while we spent our time in San Diego – maybe because we visited there often in the past – I do plan to try it on a future trip!



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