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For five years, a source featuring authors primarily from romance and women's fiction, now also offering services for writers. Administered by author Shannon Muir; her site-branded e-books help support its operation and short stories features 2nd Wednesday monthly. OWN YOUR OWN TALE blogs every other Monday; DISCOVER WORDS… comes as a bi-weekly blog in August 2017!

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Big #infiniteserials news here at SHANNON MUIR’S INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS! Follow the rss feeds for datest update notifications.

  • DREAMER SHORES returns with a story line running intermittently through February 2017! Take a peek into Breah’s past and see how she lost her first real love to spiral down her current path!

#INFINITESERIALS – Spend a Week at Dreamer Shores



Every weekend, INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS brings a 250-500 word installment of one  #INFINITESERIALS.

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