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Big #infiniteserials news here at SHANNON MUIR’S INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS! Follow the rss feeds for datest update notifications.

  • DREAMER SHORES returns with a story line running intermittently through February 2017! Take a peek into Breah’s past and see how she lost her first real love to spiral down her current path!
  • If you haven’t already started catching “Bus Stop Stories from Beyond the Bookstore Window” at the COZY MYSTERY TALES web serial blog from the INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS brand BIG CITY MYSTERIES AND ROMANCE, now is the time! It also will begin having new installments soon.

#INFINITESERIALS – Spend a Week at Dreamer Shores



Every weekend, INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS brings a 250-500 word installment of one of its two #INFINITESERIALS. New installments run every 1st and 3rd weekend for BUS STOP STORIES, while DREAMER SHORES releases new content every 2nd and 4th weekends.

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#INFINITESERIALS – New Serialized Web Fiction from Shannon Muir!

Have you heard about #infiniteserials yet?

INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS is now also the portal to fiction web serials by Shannon Muir that all revolve around books and the love of the creative word, collectively INFINITE SERIALS and marked #infiniteserials in social media.

You will find an RSS feed showing hints of the latest episodes with links to their blogs on INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS to see what the latest installment is.


Current offerings include:

Bus Stop Stories (updated every 1st and 3rd weekend; installments averaging 500 words each)

Dreamer Shores (updated every 2nd and 4th weekend; installments averaging 250-500 words each)

When fifth weekends occur, watch for announced special events that may include multiple weekend installments for a single storyline!

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