From the publisher’s description:

A death rattle echoes down a shadowy alley….
Guns blaze like exploding suns in the dead of night…
And make no mistake about who’s responsible….
The Dame Did It!

Pro Se Productions presents a collection of new stories wrapped in the shadows of Noir and definitely Hard Boiled with a feminine touch. Authors Joel Jenkins, Christofer Nigro, Shannon Muir, and Percival Constantine deliver two-fisted, gun shooting hard core action in these blood-soaked pages, and each tale revolves around a woman. A heroine desperate to save the day, a villainess hungry to destroy, or someone trapped in the middle. All and
more will be found in The Dame Did It!

Includes the story “Tragic Like a Torch Song” by Shannon Muir.

Available now for Kindle, Smashwords, and in print.




From the publisher’s description of this individually released short story:

From Pro Se Productions’ Single Shot line comes a tale of mystery and murder set against the backdrop of the Golden Age of Radio! Through this stand alone digital single, Author Shannon Muir introduces the world to Ghost of the Airwaves!

Ghost of the Airwaves is the suspenseful tale of radio actress Abigail Hanson, whose husband died under mysterious circumstances. Everyone believes the culprit is caught until a mysterious typed letter from “Ghost of the Airwaves” comes through her mail slot. Abigail becomes determined to find out who killed her husband and uses her own observant eye to help coax the police along. But, as she delves deeper into the mystery, Abigail may learn she should have stayed behind the microphone…to stay alive!

Available now at Kindle and Smashwords.




One of three stories in an anthology about reporters willing to risk it all to expose corruption at a 1950s newspaper. Other stories by Kevin Paul Shaw Broden and J. Walt Layne. Based on an idea created by Pro Se Productions. Available in print at Amazon and e-book at Amazon and Smashwords. Also available in audiobook atAmazon and Audible produced by Radio Archives.

Includes the story “Pretty as a Picture” by Shannon Muir.



From the publisher’s description:

It’s out there, hunting in the darkness and no one can stop it. Its tally of victims increases every day the sun rises and when dusk falls, fear pumps through the city’s veins.

It’s in the sky above the buildings, stalking the forests of the parks and slithering through the sewers. The situation is dire and hope is dwindling… It’s too fast, too strong and too smart.

A sudden flash burns across the night sky and figure appears; somebody like us, but not like us. As quickly as it appeared, the figure is gone, searching for the thing, ready to deliver justice. Hope has returned and smiles crack the corners of mouths, because everybody recognizes a superhero and we all know what comes next.

Epic battles will rage, city blocks will be trampled and the Earth will hang in the balance as the ultimate evil is answered by the ultimate good. Who will triumph, nobody knows and the only thing for certain is that they will fight THE GOOD FIGHT!

Includes my story, “Meeting the Monster”.

Available now for Kindle.



The roots are laid for generations of a twisted tale influenced by Country and Rural Noir, shrouded in mystery, intrigue, and manipulation…

THE WILLOWBROOK SAGA follows generations of intrigue, mystery, and exploitation. Willowbrook, Washington, was a small community influenced by the arrival of outsiders looking to live a different lifestyle. Over the decades, they took their ways further and further underground while constructing an economy that allowed them to hide in plain sight. Follow the women influenced by the cultural of this fictional small town from pioneer days in the rural Inland Northwest, down to World War II through the 1960s and 1970s and starting to come to a head in the 1990s, as the women raised to live this way fight for change any way they can. This book brings together the previously published BY THE WILLOW BROOK, BEYOND THE WILLOW BROOK, EVERYTHING CHANGES, and DOWN TO THE ROOTS (2012-2015) into a single collection, plus several Willowbrook short stories only previously available in anthologies – “Blurring Lines,” “Built to Be,” “Call to Family, “Enough is Enough,” “New Beginnings,” and “The Lazy D”. This 3.99 USD compilation eBook now available at Amazon, NOOK,iBookstore, and Smashwords with more retailers to come.


For more on titles like this, visit the Tumblr sites for The Willowbrook Saga or the upcoming The Willowbrook Mysteries.


Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory





Textbooks created under contract for GGC Incorporated, a textbook company. These appear to have gone out of print as of February 2015.