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Month: May 2015

BLOG TOUR – Dangerous Decisions

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What initially got you interested in writing?


I absolutely love to read, and one of my favorite things to do is hang out in our local Barnes & Noble bookstore. There’s just something awe-inspiring about walking in those doors and seeing the proof of countless hours of hard work that people have poured into their projects. Every so often while visiting the bookstore, I would have fleeting thoughts that maybe I could try my hand at writing a novel, especially since I’ve been told (more than once!) by my friends and family that I tend to add a lot of “flair” when telling stories. Since I first began tinkering around with the idea of becoming a writer, I’ve started at least 20 novels. While I never got very far, I always enjoyed bringing a character or a setting to life. And when I finally became serious about writing, I ended up writing the novel that became Dangerous Decisions.


How did you decide to make the move into becoming a published author?


My family has provided all the incentives I needed to get serious about my writing. A couple of examples that come to mind involve my mom and my sister. My mom, who has repeatedly reminded me that she’s my #1 fan, would wait patiently for me to email her snippets of what I was working on. Her subtle prodding for more emails helped me to keep moving forward with my novel. Inevitably, as a die-hard “pantser”, I ended up writing myself into a corner. I called my sister and explained my dilemma and she talked to me for hours, brainstorming ideas that propelled my storyline in the right direction. Once I had a near-finished product, my husband and two daughters were the perfect sounding boards to help me reach the final draft. After I had perfected my manuscript, I begin the arduous process of submitting it to potential publishers, and thankfully Crimson Romance liked what they saw!


What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?


I read as a form of relaxation. It’s a way for me to leave the troubles of the real world behind for a little while and instead worry about the troubles of the characters – troubles that don’t affect me in the least! I would love it if my readers were able to escape into Ramon and Carino’s world for a little while, and when they’re finished reading, to feel like they have traveled a worthwhile journey alongside the characters.


What do you find most rewarding about writing?


The most rewarding, by far, has been the incredible encouragement and support I’ve received from friends and family. At first, I was very nervous to even tell anyone I was writing a novel, much less let them read my work. But once I gathered up my confidence and started telling people, the positive responses I received were truly overwhelming.


What do you find most challenging about writing?


The most challenging aspect is having patience, as I’m definitely a fan of instant gratification. I’ve become conditioned to getting the things I want quickly and easily – books that are downloaded in seconds, TV shows that stream on demand, questions answered by a simple Internet search on my ever-present smartphone. I’ve had to learn how to wait, whether it’s for an idea to fully form, to have free time to write, for constructive feedback on a draft, or – and this one has been the toughest of all – for a response on my manuscript submissions.


What advice would you give to people wanting to enter the field?


I would say: don’t give up. Ever. Not if you’re serious about getting published. Yes, rejection is hard to swallow, and trust me, I was rejected plenty of times by publishing companies and literary agents alike. But I did my best to keep my chin up…some days were harder than others…but I never gave up. I never let myself feel like I wasn’t good enough to at least keep trying. I kept reminding myself that the right person just hadn’t read my query and when they did, everything would fall into place. And then I received the publication offer from Tara Gelsomino at Crimson Romance, which is easily one of the proudest days of my entire life!


Is there anything else besides writing you think people would find interesting about you?


I think people might find it interesting that I’ve been accepted into law school, starting in August 2015. It’s an innovative Hybrid education approach being offered by only one law school in the entire country (William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, MN) and I’m thrilled and blessed to be a part of it. My schedule will be crazy busy, managing school, a full time job and a family, but I will most definitely be carving out time for the two fiction projects I’ve been working on…if for no other reason than to maintain my sanity.


What are the best ways to connect with you, or find out more about your work?


You can find me online here:







Book Cover


Someone is feeding the Feds information on alleged illegal activities at the Franklin Everly law firm, and Carino Montgomery is targeted as a prime suspect. There’s enough evidence to put her in the hot seat when hired gun, Ramon Terrones, arrives to uncover the mole.


But from the moment they meet, Ramon relentlessly pursues Carino, triggering a whirlwind romance packed with fierce emotions … and secrets that won’t remain buried. Both Ramon and Carino have worked hard to put their pasts behind them, but the truth could bring their whole lives crumbling down.


Will their unlikely relationship be worth sacrificing everything they’ve worked for? Or will their secrets prove to be bigger than their love?




B.B. Cruz currently lives in Alaska with her husband, two teenage daughters and two little doggies. She’s a huge fan of romance, and loves to cozy up with a novel, which definitely makes the long winters and cold nights easier to handle.


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Guest Post from the Author:



“The hardest thing for a writer to do is create a compelling storyline.”


Starting with a compelling story is essential. Having a story that can be divided into several books, encompasses millennia is even better. Combined with an inquisitive, curious, problem-solving focus, inspiration can arise everywhere.


My story has naturally been divided into three books. The first has already been published, the second one is near completion and I have extensive notes and outlines for the conclusion. This story, which came to me in a matter of three weeks, was the culmination of years of life experiences, all neatly lying dormant until released in a burst of creativity.


“Just because I stare into space, doesn’t mean I am not working.” For me, this is true.


Reading, watching a movie, listening to music, taking a walk or a shower, the list goes on and on, have all provided ideas for my journal; it’s a journal I always carry with me because I never know when something will inspire me. Let’s just say that seemingly ordinary life events can can magically find their way into the story. The secret is having that compelling story and being ever conscience of it as I go about the daily experiences of life.


My story has naturally led me to research a variety of truly diversified topics. From ancient cultures, to future technology trends, to Arctic exploration, to and seafaring vessels of the 18th and 19th centuries, each area, like a puzzle piece, has found its way into the story. The story is the magnet that attracts these ideas, making for a richer final product.

Author Bio:

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Mort Herman has a Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering. Holder of six patents, he worked at several companies including IBM, Texas Instruments, AT&T and Lucent Technologies where his specialty was semiconductor electronics, systems design, and marketing.

Mort lives on the Jersey shore with his mate Mary Ann. When he’s not writing, Mort is an avid sailor, a wood sculptor, and a charter member of the Arts Society of Keyport. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, he added his technical, artistic, and project management skills to the design and implementation of three, free form concrete sculptures that replaced destroyed public art in the town of Keyport, NJ.

Author Links –
Book Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Publisher: Amazon
Release Date: September 25, 2014
Book Description:

Most people do not carry the fate of the world on their shoulders. Sam Greenhut does.

By the year 2230, the world is no longer dependent on fossil fuels. All power is harnessed directly from the Earth’s core. A clever integration of neural technology and wireless energy gives rise to the Global Network (GNET), revolutionizing society. Diverse industries operate efficiently under the umbrella of a neurally connected world economy, powered by an unlimited geothermal fuel supply controlled not by Presidents, Sheikhs nor Monarchs, but by a Corporate Federation run by seven individuals.

This is the state of the world when the Corporate Federation charges Sam Greenhut with ensuring GNET’s unquestioned reliability and integrity.

Sam sees a world whose population is totally dependent on GNET, as if the previously admired trait of self-reliance was weaned from the gene pool. Inevitably, the insatiable demand for energy prompts a reckless decision by Corporate Federation board members to expand the geothermal energy lattices. Despite Sam’s protest, the choice to exceed the cautionary “Greenhut Limits” precipitate a string of earthquakes that destroy GNET and plunges the planet into the chaos known as “The Upheaval.”

What happens next fundamentally alters the destiny of the planet and catapults Sam into the center of The Seed – book one in my science fiction trilogy, Future’s Edge.


…“Let’s not make a scene. You’re being detained for improperly distributing proprietary business information. Your neural fingerprint has been disabled and you no longer have access. Please follow me.”

After delivering these words in a calm, professional manner, Bill Strong waited. He was a formidable physical specimen with a chiseled physique, sharp eyes, and a calm, but overtly suspicious demeanor. What made Bill intimidating was not his physical appearance as much as his reputation for being able to out-think and out-guess an adversary. If you did something wrong and found yourself in Bill’s sights, there was no escape.

Despite Bill’s presence, the perpetrator made a mad dash to escape.

Is he stupid? How crude to try to make a run for it. He’s easy to track. He’s now in Sector 18b.

Bill smoothly cycled through a series of neural commands.

Shield enable, Sectors 25a through 27jGot himNarrow the fieldGoodSecurity breach file 343, pick up perp held in Sector 26f. He’s in the pocket.

Bill was delighted to have finally found the source of the recent information leak. Wheeler was careful about sensitive information being revealed to the public, especially when it had to do with rates of world energy consumption. With corporate security on the way to pick up the suspect, Bill started back to his office, encountering Sam making his morning rounds at the NCC.

Hey buddy, how are things going this fine day?” asked Sam, congenially.

We found our leak. Just waiting for Security to get him.”

Good job. Who was it?”

Peter Gilles,” said Bill.

You suspected him for a while. Were there any problems?”

Well the dammed fool made a run for it. I don’t know what he expected to accomplish, but I think all the excitement is over. Have him held in a security pocket.”

Well, now I’ll have to replace him. Too bad. It’s not easy finding someone with his expertise,” Sam lamented.

I could never figure out why you needed someone with experience in sonic phenomena,” remarked Bill.

Whenever something goes wrong here, many alarms go off. I was never happy with the way they sounded. We hired Peter to design an assortment of sounds that would help us identify the type of problem we’re experiencing more intuitively. It’s quite subtle, but we found it helps improve response time. Now we’ll need someone else to finish this work. Damn difficult finding people with this skill. Took us over two months to find Peter,” replied Sam.

Hey, Bill,” said Sam, changing the subject. “When we get another day off, can you join me on Deliverance?”

I normally wouldn’t miss a chance to be on Deliverance, but it’s a busy time for me now. Can’t Jeff help you out? He lives on the boat.”

No, we need to change some of the lines and check rigging tension. I need muscle for this type of work. It’s the one thing Jeff can’t do.”

Okay Captain. I’m in. After that last sail, I’m not surprised to hear some work is needed.” Bill paused. “Sam, I love being on Deliverance. It’s the only place I can let my guard down. You know me – always paranoid.”

That’s why you’re good at your job. Always thinking of what could go wrong. Anyway, I’m glad you’re part of the crew.”

Me too. Sailing is so therapeutic. It helps me learn to trust others. Too often I feel defensive –I can never let my guard down.” Bill changed the subject. “I have to get back to my office. Need to file the report on Peter. Care to walk with me?”

Sure. I have some time. Let’s go.”

Bill stops in his tracks. “Wait!” Report. “Son of a bitch. He somehow breached the security pocket and is on the loose again. We’re having trouble tracking him. I’ll meet you in my office. This shouldn’t take too much longer.”

Sam looked at Bill. He had the face that showed he was deep in neural interactions. Sam referred to it as the “neural face.” Better let him do his job, Sam thought.

Once again, Bill resumed his neural interactions.

Research, Peter Gilles … Sonic phenomena expert … Worked for the Military Alliance’s weapons division … A loner … Level 18 Master Technologist … Many scientific papers … Oh no! Method to breach Tansford Shield with sonic projections … Sonic interference patterns disrupt neural tracking mechanisms …



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Book Genre: New Adult/Women’s Fiction/LGBT Fiction

Publisher: Amazon

Release Date: March 30. 2015

Buy Link(s):


Book Description:


Fatty. Freak. Friendless. Failure. Sadie Abramowitz is used to being alone. The morbidly obese college freshman literally doesn’t fit in anywhere and was constantly the butt of jokes in high school.


So far, life at Cunningham University isn’t much better. Her roommate only communicates in grunts while Sadie’s “dream job” at the school paper has her interviewing her fellow students with questions that practically invite them to insult her.


Things change when she’s assigned a story on Griffin Greenberg, the freshman track star who was one of Sadie’s high school bullies. At first, she’s reluctant to work with the gorgeous Griffin, but soon discovers that he’s not such a bad guy. Plus, he’s been keeping a secret: he’s gay.


As their friendship grows, Griffin challenges Sadie to do something she never thought possible: train for a marathon. Meanwhile, she supports him as he slowly comes to terms with his sexuality. Together, they help each other survive their first year of college – and also learn how to stand strong on their own.


*This book is a New Adult novel with some mature language and situations. It is recommended for readers 14 and up.





“If you could be any type of animal, what would you be?”

I put on my widest smile and tried to sound enthusiastic. I was in Reporter Mode, a side of my personality which was somewhere between a morning talk show host and news anchor. My pair of subjects stared at me, eyes narrowing. Both girls had faces plastered with makeup and long, flat-ironed hair. Both were tan and slender, and wore matching skinny jeans with pink T-shirts. I figured if anyone would want to have their pictures and quotes featured in our college’s award-winning newspaper, it would be cute girls who actually bothered to dress up. Girls, who unlike me, didn’t wear baggy, gray sweats and a stained, white T-shirt.

In my month of acting as Freshman Roving Reporter for The Falcon’s bi-weekly polls (Memorable queries included, “Other than eating them, what’s your favorite alternate use for mashed potatoes?” and, “Do you think underwear would be improved if it had GPS?”) I’d perfected the art of choosing prospective interviewees. I could now tell before even asking a student whether he or she would be willing to give me a response. The loner who sat by a tree listening to his iPod? No. The theater major who liked to dance around the Student Union as her friends looked on? Yep. With these girls, all signs pointed to yes.

My job was to get 10 quotes and photos by four o’ clock that day and I was only up to six. It was already 3 p.m. and I was getting desperate.

“What’s the point of this?” asked the blonde, a smirk playing about her perfectly-lined pink lips. I continued to smile and pushed my dark brown curls out of my eyes as she considered the Deeper Meaning behind my query. Though it was late September, it was unseasonably warm for upstate New York and we happened to be in one of the least shady parts of campus. I’d only been standing for about a minute, but sweat was already beading across my forehead and pooling beneath my arms, making my shirt stick to my body. I envied the way these girls could keep their hair so tame.

“It’s just a fun question for The Falcon’s Roving Reporter column,” I said. I shifted my weight from one foot to another to ease the pressure on my back. “What’s really nice is you get your name in the paper along with your picture and quote. It’ll be in print and online. Everyone on campus will see it.”

“Okay,” she said, with a shrug. “I’ve seen that column. I guess it could be fun.” She stuck out a hip as she assumed a sexy photo pose and I snapped her picture with my phone.

“Amber Sanchez, I’m 19 and a sophomore,” she announced as I recorded her response. “And I’d be a cat. They’re beautiful, mysterious and always land on their feet.” She finished with a little clap, clearly proud of herself.

“Great answer!”  I said. “My mom is a fellow cat lover.” Buoyed by this small victory in my quest to complete my column, I turned to her friend. “Do you want to give a quote?”

The brunette glared at me and for a second I wondered if I’d misjudged her willingness to be put on display. But after a nudge from Amber, she said “Fine, I’ll do it,” and let out a deep, tortured sigh. She shook her head as her green eyes roamed up my body, taking in my worn beige sneakers and rumpled ensemble. I waited, my phone poised to record her.

“I’m Chloe Williams, also 19 and a sophomore. And if I could be any animal,” she said, pausing to look me right in the face. “I’d be anything but a fat whale!”

Boom!  The words hit me like a punch and I had to remind myself that we were no longer in high school. I was flooded with bad memories as a montage of past insults echoed in my head; “Fat whale” was just one of many in a long list that included nicknames like “Shamu,” “Fatzilla” and even “Igpay Verde” (That’s Green Pig in combined Pig Latin and real Latin).

Amber gave me an apologetic look, but high-fived Chloe as they strode away from me, snickering the whole time. I just stood in place like a statue. A huge statue, mind you. When you’re 18 years old and morbidly obese, you get used to hearing insults—or as used to them as one can get, anyway. For me, being called a fat whale was just business as usual.



Naomi Rabinowitz is a writer, musician, jewelry designer and author of the YA novel REVENGE OF A BAND GEEK GONE BAD. She lives in New York City with her husband, Jonathan. Like her F#@! BOMB narrator, Sadie, Naomi is currently training for a long-distance walking event – and will be participating in Avon’s 39.3 mile Walk To End Breast Cancer this October.


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Twitter: @NaomiRDesigns


Amazon: F#@! BOMB:

Amazon: BAND GEEK:



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